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Definition of Swift Programming Language
Desiliciouskitchen-What is the Swift programming language? Swift is a programming language developed by Apple Inc. This language was created specifically for Apple’s development platform. This language is classified as a functional object language or functional-object. This language was created to work closely with Objective-C.

Swift was first created in 2014. This language is also the language of instruction for Mac, iOS, and other Apple platform developers. So, for those of you who want to be a developer of Apple products, then Swift is a programming language that you must master.

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Advantages of Swift Programming Language
We know that there are many popular programming languages. Maybe you are already familiar with using C++, Java, Python, and others. Yet Swift remains one of the programming languages that should not be underestimated. There are several advantages that the Swift programming language has that you should know about. What are these advantages? Here is the explanation.

• Object-Orientation: Swift programming language is known to have used the concept of a programming language that is indeed used and according to current needs, namely an object-oriented language or object-oriented language. In the Swift language there is a term that says “everything is an object”. This makes it easy for developers in developing iOS
• Clarity: Swift language is easy to write or read because it uses a syntax concept that is known to be easy to understand. In addition, the syntax also provides several shortcuts or shortcuts. The rules in writing the Swift programming language are not complicated so it’s not much different when you write in everyday language

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• Safety: in writing syntax and code with the Swift programming language, it is known to be very safe. This is because you will be directed to use the correct syntax. In addition, Swift can also recognize what objects you write, provide information about the correct use of variables, and so on. That way, when you want to write code using the Swift language, it will help minimize the occurrence of syntax or code writing errors
• Economy: another plus is that Swift is a simple language. This language provides libraries that you can use. You can also create your own function or code according to your needs
• Memory Management: the last advantage of the Swift programming language is that it can manage memory usage. That way, you don’t have to always focus on memory usage. Memory management is certainly very important because it will affect the performance of the application and device you are using

Thus the information that we can explain about the understanding and some of the advantages of the Swift programming language. In conclusion, for those of you who are serious about becoming a platform developer from Apple, then you must master the Swift language.

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