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Desiliciouskitchen-For those of you who want to learn how to program Mac OS or iOS, Objective-C is the language you should learn. Objective-C is a type of programming language that is quite difficult to learn. Even so, this language comes with many advantages that leave you with no other choice to learn it.

Apple has introduced a programming language called Swift. Swift language is here to make it easier when you want to develop various applications for Apple. However, the Objective-C programming language is still a popular language and has many users today. For more information about Objective-C, please refer to the following explanation.

Getting to Know the Objective-C Programming Language

Objective-C is a programming language developed by Tom Love and Brad Cox in 1980. Actually, Objective-C is not intended for Apple but for the Stepstone company. This language is an object-oriented programming language based on the C language. However, what distinguishes Objective-C from its predecessors is that Objective-C has Smalltalk-style messaging.

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Objective-C programming language has become Apple’s main language in developing iOS and the OS X operating system. Objective-C is also used by Apple in developing APIs or Application Programming Interfaces at the company. But actually not only Apple is interested in using it.

Advantages of Objective-C Programming Language

As we already explained that Objective-C has several advantages over other programming languages. Some of these advantages are:

1. Apple Development Library Support

Objective-C is a programming language that was developed specifically to work with the Cocoa framework, which is Apple’s framework. The advantages possessed by Objective-C can be taken advantage of by developers because this language supports all Apple’s development libraries perfectly.

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2. Objective-C Runtime
The second advantage of the Objective-C programming language is its runtime capabilities. A program developed using Objective-C will be able to run more dynamically. The program can collect information about itself independently which will later be used in making decisions as to memory or data types. In contrast to other languages developed which still require decision making in the code generation process.

3. Limited Users
As an exclusive programming language, Objective-C can only be used for limited purposes. There are not even a few platforms that cannot be developed using Objective-C, for example Android. But these limitations are not a weakness of the Objective-C programming language.

In fact, this limitation is actually an advantage. These limitations indicate that Objective-C is a special language that can only be used for programs or applications from Apple. So, if you are focused on developing applications or products from Apple, then learning Objective-C is the best decision.

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