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What is C#?
Desiliciouskitchen-C# (pronounced see sharp) is a programming language created by Microsoft and is targeted to run on the platform. NET (dotnet)

What is dotnet?

Dotnet is a kind of virtual machine whose job it is to run C#, F#, VB.NET and other programs. In addition, Dotnet also provides tools, libraries, and APIs that we need to create C# programs. So sometimes Dotnet is also called Dotnet Framework.

C# programs, unlike C and C++ programs, are compiled into assembly language and can be executed directly by the processor. C# programs are compiled into CIL (Common Itermediate Language). CIL is a language that Dotnet understands. All programs that want to run on Dotnet, must be compiled into CIL. Otherwise, it won’t work.

Without Dotnet, we will not be able to run programs written in C#.

A Brief History of C#
In 1999, Anders Hejlsberg formed a team at Microsoft to create a new programming language called Cool. Cool stands for “C-Like Object Oriented Language”. If in Indonesian it means: OOP language similar to C.

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Microsoft wanted to keep the Cool name, but this couldn’t be done because it would violate the threadmarks of other products. Finally in 2000 at the Preoessional Developer Conference (PDC), Cool’s name was changed to C#. The name C# itself is taken from the musical notation that is C#. If you understand musical notation, you will understand the meaning of the # after C. This is the origin of C#. If we look at the syntax, C# is inspired by C, C++, and Java.

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This made C#, got a lot of criticism..

Bill Joy (Co-Founder of Sun Microsystems): “C# is a clone of Java.”
James Gosling (Java Creator):
“[C# is] sort of Java with reliability, productivity and security deleted.”

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Some people also commented:

“Java and C# are almost identical programming languages. Boring repetition that lacks innovation”

However, Hejlsberg (C# Creator) replied with:
C# is “not a Java clone” and is “much closer to C++” in its design.
Although many people don’t like C#, C# is still widely used today.

For example:
C# language is more recommended for making games than Java language. Even not only in games, C# is also widely used to create desktop and web applications.

C# Version and Development

Although in 2000 the name C# was announced, but in that year C# was not officially released. The first official version of C# was released in 2002.

Here is the C# version and year of release:

• C# 1.0 (January 2002) – .NET Framework 1.0
• C# 1.1 (April 2003) – .NET Framework 1.1
• C# 1.2 (April 2003) – .NET Framework 1.1
• C# 2.0 (November 2005) – .NET Framework 2.0, .NET Framework 3.0
• C# 3.0 (August 2007) – .NET Framework 2.0 (Except LINQ), .NET Framework 3.0 (Except LINQ), .NET Framework 3.5
• C# 4.0 (April 2010) – .NET Framework 4
• C# 5.0 (August 2012) – .NET Framework 4.5
• C# 6.0 (July 2015) – .NET Framework 4.6, .NET Core 1.0, .NET Core 1.1
• C# 7.0 (March 2017) – .NET Framework 4.7
• C# 7.1 (August 2017) – .NET Core 2.0
• C# 7.2 (November 2017) – .NET Core 2.0
• C# 7.3 (May 2018) – .NET Core 2.1, .NET Core 2.2, .NET Framework 4.8
• C# 8.0 (September 2019) – .NET Core 3.0

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The Dotnet version used is different for each version. Don’t use the old Dotnet version on the latest C# version.

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