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Desiliciouskitchen-Are you currently planning to learn Visual Basic from the ground up? If you are a beginner, surely you don’t feel familiar enough with the visual basic language used in programming. Basically, Visual Basic is a basic programming language that is easier to understand, even for beginners. The use of the Visual Basic language can make a programming language easier to use since the existence of Microsoft Visual Basic. Microsoft Visual Basic itself was created from the idea of making a language that is simple and easy to make the scripting simpler, such as the simple scripting language for the graphic user interface developed in the Microsoft Windows operating system.

There are several versions of Visual Basic, the most commonly used today is Visual Basic version 6.0, which is a type of programming language that has a graphical display or what is most often referred to as a GUI / Graphical User Interface which is commonly used to create a desktop-based application. The desktop application itself is an application that users are required to install on an Operating System (OS) such as Windows, Linux, Mac and so on. Actually, there are many types of programming languages, but desktop programming languages are more often referred to as Visual Basic, Delphi, Java and many others. However, among the desktop programming languages, the most frequently used is Visual Basic.

From the oldest basic version to Visual Basic 6.0 version, the most frequently used by programmers is Visual Basic version 6.0. But basically, Visual Basic version 6.0 has been officially closed by the owner, because the vendor or company is now focusing on the .net version of Visual Basic. However, today there are still many people, including professional programmers who are also still using Visual Basic version 6.0. This is because the programming language is easier to understand and easier to learn, so anyone can create applications easily.

Learn Visual Basic and Its Environment

As a beginner who wants to learn Visual Basic you should know that Visual Basic 6.0 also has programs that you must understand. Which programs are programs called work environments, including: Title Bar, Menu Bar, Tool Bar, Tool Box, Form Window, Code Window, Project Explorer, Properties, and Form Layout. Have you understood the meaning and function of these programs? Here’s the explanation.

Title Bar

The Title Bar is used to display the title of a Visual Basic project.

Menu Bar

The Menu Bar is the part that is used to perform Visual Basic commands.


Toolbar is a list of shortcut menus commonly used to perform commands in Visual Basic.


Toolbox is a part or place that is used as a gathering place for objects to be placed in the form column. Which objects such as: Label, Frame, Textbox, Checkbox, Command Button, Option Button and others.

Forms Window

The Form Window is the part that is used for making forms and also functions as a part of placing objects in the Tool Box. In this section you can design the appearance of the program according to your needs and desires.

Code Window

Code Window is the part used to write Visual Basic program command code. This window is a place where you can write programming instruction codes according to your needs. If you do not write the program command code, then from will not run at all, so this code window has the most important role in Visual Basic.

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There are two types of code windows or code windows that you must understand, namely:

• The button object is in the form of a rectangular box which is a button in which there is a collection of object lists or a list of objects available in the currently active form based on the names of objects that have been previously created.
• Procedure button button rectangular box: is a button that contains a list of procedures that exist in each object. One of them is like the Command Button object using the Click or Double Click procedure and other procedures.

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Code Window has the most important role, namely as a code window. Because the Code Window is a place where object commands are written according to their respective procedures. However, in writing these code commands, you must be precise and thorough, because even a small error will cause the program to become an error.

Project Explorer

Project Explorer is the place used to display related project files. When learning Visual Basic version 6.0 there is the term project. Which, each project has several files that provide support for the implementation of the project, such as, forms, user controls, modules, class modules and so on.


Properties is the part that is used to set confirmation objects and from, for example: type of form, name of form, color of form, name of button and so on.

Form Layout

Form Layout is a window that is used to view the position of the form from the monitor screen display. When creating a form, you can choose whether the display is in a position in the middle, up/down or left/right positions. But by default, the form will appear according to the form window, so even though you can adjust it as you wish, its appearance will adjust to the program code as well as what is in the properties window. After knowing the Visual Basic environment which is the important parts in it. Of course, you can continue the learning process to the next stage. Good luck!

Learn Visual Basic to Create the First Program

To become an expert, professional and experienced programmer, of course you have to learn from scratch. You can learn Visual Basic by following the following guidelines. Visual Basic is a Development Tool that you can use to create various computer programs. In this case, you will be taught to create a form and write simple instruction code by displaying the message “Hello world! This is my first program.”

1. As a first step, you must open the program Visual Basic version 6.0.
2. Continue by selecting the New tab select Standard EXE, then continue to click the Open button.
3. In the Tool Box, select the Command Button by left-clicking 2x on the Command Button object, then the object will automatically appear on the Form. For another way, you can select or click the object. Then choose the location of the object placement on the Form, namely by clicking hold and dragging until it forms the size you want.
4. Perform the next step by double-clicking on the Command 1 object until it appears in the Code window.
5. Then, write the program code below in the Code Window or Code Window.

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“Private Sub Command1_Click()
End Sub”

6. So that the program that has been written can run, then press the F5 key on the keyboard.
7. Next, if no errors occur, your program will automatically appear.
8. Continue by pressing the Command1 key, it will display the message “Hello world! This is my first program.”

How? Pretty easy, right? Actually, in making Visual Basic programs that have an important and vital role is writing programming code. If the slightest error is made, then the desired program cannot appear. On the contrary, what appears is the identification error.

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As explained from the beginning, learning Visual Basic is very easy. So most likely, for those of you who are still categorized as beginners who just want to learn to make a program, then Visual Basic is the most appropriate choice for you. This is because the Visual Basic environment can create Windows-based programs easily and quickly. Meanwhile, for advanced programmers, the ability to develop more complex programs using Visual Basic, such as in the case of client-server and networking. The advantage of Visual Basic is that it uses a fairly simple language, because it uses commonly used English words. Thus, you no longer need to memorize syntaxes and various language formats.

In addition, in Visual Basic everything has been provided according to your choice and needs. In addition, the development tools tend to be easy to develop in making a Windows-based application program, mouse-driven (moved with the mouse), and other high-efficient options. It can be said that Visual Basic is the most popular programming language, but also the easiest and most fun to use. Even if you have no programming skills at all, if you are able to explore Windows well, it will be easier for you to develop creative applications with Visual Basic. Because, the basic skills needed to learn Visual Basic are just selecting menus, arranging windows and clicking the mouse.

The conclusion is, Visual Basic is a tool for making programs that are complete and easy to use by anyone, even for beginners. Anyone who can use Windows, then he can definitely make programs using Visual Basic. In the process of creating and developing it, you must know how to manipulate windows, how to use the mouse and programming logic to create a Visual Basic application.

Learn Visual Basic and Its Benefits

Learning to make a program using Visual Basic of course has benefits or uses. Among them, are as follows:

• Can be used to create Windows-based programs.
• Can be used to create objects that can help other programs, such as: internet applications, help files, ActiveX and so on.
• Can be used to perform program testing or debugging and can be used to produce output programs that have an EXE extension and are executable or programs that can be run directly.

Learn Visual Basic and Its Features

In addition to having several benefits and uses, learning Visual Basic also has its own privileges when studied well. Since being developed in the 80s, Visual Basic, has now reached its sixth version (v.6.0). As for the features of Visual Basic version 6.0, include:

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• Visual Basic version 6.0 has used the programming platform from Developer Studio, so that Visual Basic has facilities and appearance similar to C++ and Visual J++. This way, you can migrate right away or learn another programming language more quickly and easily, without having to learn from scratch.
• Visual Basic version 6.0 already has a reliable compiler that can produce executable files faster and more efficiently than before.
• Visual Basic version 6.0 already has several additional tools for the latest Wizard. Which, the Wizard is a tool used to simplify the creation of applications by automating certain tasks.
• Visual Basic version 6.0 is equipped with new controls that are much more sophisticated and have improved the rules of the Visual Basic language structure.
• Visual Basic version 6.0 already has ActiveX capabilities and has been equipped with more internet facilities.
• Visual Basic version 6.0 has a data access facility that is much faster and more reliable in the business of making high-performance database applications.

After deciding to learn Visual Basic version 6.0, you must choose according to your needs. The reason is, Visual Basic version 6.0 is also distinguished in several different versions, so you just have to choose which one you feel fits your needs.

Learn Visual Basic According to Needs

To be able to learn Visual Basic according to your needs, you must choose according to your needs. Because, like other commercial applications, Visual Basic version 6 is also marketed in several versions. Which of them are as follows.
Visual Basic Standard Edition (Learning Edition)

This Standard Edition / Learning Edition is a standard version which includes some of the basic tools from Visual Basic version 6.0 which are useful for developing applications properly.

Visual Basic Professional Edition

Visual Basic Professional Edition is a version that can provide various extra tools needed by professional programmers, such as additional controls, compilers for creating help files, internet programming, better database development tools and so on.

Visual Basic Enterprise Edition Version

This version of Visual Basic Enterprise Edition is specifically for programmers who want to develop remote computing applications or client/server-based programs. Usually this version is used to create applications on network systems. Adjust the Visual Basic version 6.0 options according to your needs. For beginners, it is recommended to choose Visual Basic version 6.0, Standard Edition or Learning Edition. Meanwhile, for semi-professional programmers to professional programmers, it is better to use the Professional Edition version. Meanwhile, Visual Basic 6.0 Enterprise Edition is suitable for people who are already very skilled in the field of programming.

As a beginner who wants to learn Visual Basic from the basics, of course the most suitable version for you is Visual Basic 6.0 Standard Edition version. If you feel you are quite proficient and have mastered it, then you can start learning to use Visual Basic 6.0 in several other versions. You can find all the information you need to know along with the Visual Basic programming study guide here. Therefore, now is the best time to learn it and start to create your first program.

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