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Desiliciouskitchen-You certainly often use applications, both on mobile phones and laptops. But, have you ever thought, how to make the application? The applications that you are using now, use a programming language in their creation. There are many kinds of programming languages, one of which is currently popular is the Java programming language.

What is Java Programming Language?

Java programming language, or java programming, is a language that has been developed since 1995 by Sun Microsystems. This language is multiplatform. Every Java language program code that is written, can be run on different platforms without having to be rewritten again. Because it can be run on various platforms, making the Java language can be used to build a variety of applications, from desktop, mobile development, web development, to devices such as microprocessors. But of course before you can build applications using Java programming, first master Java Fundamental Programming.

Why Should Java?
The following are strong reasons why you need to master and use Java programming, including:

Easy to learn
Before there was the Java language, C and C++ were already present and used to program systems or applications. C language is arguably a high-level language that is easily understood by humans, but its syntax tends to be complicated and difficult to memorize.

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Because of that, the Java language comes as a simplification of the C language. So, for those of you who are already familiar with the C language, it will definitely not be difficult to learn the Java programming language in the future.

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Object Oriented
One of the special things that Java has is using the concept of object oriented programming (OOP). The program will be a combination of many interrelated objects.

For example, you have a car object. In the car there are still parts of the wheels, engine, seats, etc. Likewise with programs, large objects are a combination of small objects that are arranged.

Complete Library
A library is a collection of code that is put together and named a package or module. Libraries you can import and use into other programs. Because there are many users of the Java language and the community is everywhere. Therefore, this language library is easy to find and has been widely distributed on the internet.

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By using a library, it will be easier for you to make programs, because you only need to import it, there is no need to rewrite the code.

Java Language Structure
After knowing the meaning and importance of using the Java language, this time you can start studying the structure of the language. There are approximately 4 Java programming structures.

Package Declaration
When you first create a project, there will be some default code in your project. The first code, which is to declare a package or module. Package is a folder that contains a collection of Java programs. This package is mandatory, especially if you are making a large program or application.

Import Library
If you need libraries in application development, you need to import them first. As explained above, a library is a collection of code that you can use. So, if you don’t import, you can’t use the code in the program.

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The OOP concept used by the Java language makes you need classes. Well, this class will later wrap the program and make it an object.

Play Method

After creating a class, then you have to create a method or function. In this section, your program will be executed. So this section is mandatory for your program to run.

Well, that’s about a review of the Java programming language from the start, an important reason why you should use the Java language.

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