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Desiliciouskitchen-The development of the website from year to year has undergone a significant transformation. Through the development of programming languages that are more varied and easier to learn. One of the programming languages most often used by developers to create dynamic websites is PHP. Well, for those who still don’t know this language, we will provide a basic tutorial on PHP so you can know the functions, basic syntax, and the advantages of using PHP. In addition, we will also discuss related to the use of frameworks or frameworks in PHP.

What is PHP
PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a programming language that runs on server side scripting and is open source. For the use of this language, it is often used for making web-based applications that run dynamically, so that it can be integrated with the database (database). PHP is widely used for making websites for e-commerce needs, information systems, and landing pages. Because PHP is classified as a server-side-based programming language, the scripts used will be processed by the server. The server types that are often used are Apache, Nginx, and LiteSpeed.

PHP History
The first history of PHP was created by Rasmus Lerdorf who is a C programming language that aims to record the number of visitors who enter the home page. In 1995, PHP / FI (Form Interpreter) was released with the ability to build a web application display (web app), perform form processing, and support data in MySQL. Due to the increasing number and enthusiasm of internet users, finally in mid-1997, Rasmus Lerdorf handed over its development to a development team consisting of Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmans. Thus, a PHP 3.0 version was created which has broad support for databases (Oracle and MySQL).

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Furthermore, along with the development of information technology and the use of websites that support HTML5, PHP has undergone several versions. Starting from PHP version 4.0 to 8.0 which has more optimal features and functionality. With more advanced features, this programming language is able to handle websites with large and complex scale and traffic.

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PHP Functions in Website Development
In making web pages, actually do not really need the PHP programming language. Simply by using HTML and CSS, you can make the web look static and only composed of content. However, for website development that requires integration with servers and database requirements, PHP is needed as a liaison between the static web and the server and database.

Dynamic websites can also be used to store data into a database, besides that, it can also make website pages change according to the input from the user. If you often write forms on web pages, then the results of the data that has been sent will be processed via PHP. In addition, the PHP programming language can usually also be inserted into an HTML file or document.

Basic Syntax of PHP
After knowing what PHP is, then we will discuss related to the basic syntax used in compiling algorithms and data structures from PHP. First, to do the coding process, first write <?php and close with ?>, for example:

echo “Hello, I am the admin of Sekawan Media”;

So, the function of echo is a command to display text. Furthermore, it relates to the use of variables in PHP and is case sensitive. That is, the use of uppercase and lowercase letters will greatly affect the resulting output, for example:

$service = “Application service”;
echo $service;

From the above program code, the most important component for declaring a variable is to add a $ character at the beginning of the variable. And make sure to call the variable according to the variable that was written. If the variable you write has a difference in capital letters, it will have an impact on the error display.

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And the basic syntax that you should know is the use of the comments feature to facilitate the process of developing a program. To display comments in PHP, you need to write the character // or /*. The purpose of using comments is so that the program code that you write is not executed or processed by the system. An example of its application is as follows:

// This is an example of an inline comment
echo “Good morning!”;
Example of more than one line comment

Writing Structure
For the writing structure of PHP itself, it is divided into two types, the first is PHP Native and the second is PHP Framework. Following are some explanations related to these two structures.

1. PHP Native
Native is a form of writing code using PHP starting from scratch to design a web page. PHP Native is usually often used by developers who have special skills in coding and compiling a good algorithm and data structure. So it can be possible to create an optimal framework flow and have high functionality.

2. PHP Frameworks
When we talk about framework issues, we will focus on how to design a good flow or framework. So, it can make it possible to work more quickly, accurately, and optimally. Of course, in PHP itself also has a special framework that helps the task of web-based application developers. Some PHP frameworks that are popular and widely used today are CodeIgniter, Laravel, Symfony, Yii, and Zend framework. If you are already proficient in the native field, it would be better if you start working using a framework. The positive impact of using the framework is that the software development process can run faster and the system security is more secure.

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Advantages Owned
In its application, there are many advantages possessed by this type of programming language. Here we have summarized into three important points related to the advantages of PHP in designing dynamic websites.

1. Integrated with Database System
The first advantage, PHP can be integrated directly with the server and database systems. Where, of course, PHP is an open source language and it is very easy to connect with databases from MySQL, Postgre, Oracle, and so on. Statistics have shown that the use of PHP worldwide is around 79% for web development. Thus, it is able to read and send user data in various information systems to enter into server and database connections.

2. Have a Big Community
There are so many blogs or forums that discuss the PHP programming language. So, you don’t have to worry about asking and asking some questions related to the development process.

3. Easy and Widely Used by Programmers
And the last advantage, PHP has complete documentation about the various functions and features it has. Then, it is widely used for the creation of e-commerce sites, blogs, media, social, information systems, and other dynamic websites. And the most important factor of the many developers who use this language, because PHP is included in the language that is open source and can be accessed by everyone.

• PHP is a programming language used to develop dynamic websites and run on server side scripting.
• The advantage of PHP lies in the process of integrating the system with the server and database.
• The writing structure of PHP is divided into two types, namely native and framework. Where, the frameworks that are often used today are CodeIgniter (CI) and Laravel.

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