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The Importance of System Integration in a Company

 Desiliciouskitchen-System integration is one of the things that must be owned by a large company or startup (startup company). Information systems can not be separated from the so-called system integration. These two things can complement each other, so as to create a good and structured company condition/ecosystem.

To create a good information system for the company, the role of system integration is needed. We are analogous to a ship captain who sails with several crew and passengers to sail the ocean. Of course, a captain must be able to make the right decisions and be able to manage each crew member so that they can sail safely to their destination.

Well, it means that the captain here is an integrated system that can connect many crew members and manage the ship and give the correct instructions. For this reason, if you start a business and have an organization, it is mandatory to integrate the existing systems in your business.

In this article, we will provide information about the importance of system integration for companies. There are at least 7 reasons why system integration needs to be implemented. Especially in the current era of digitalization and globalization.

Definition of System Integration

First, we will discuss the meaning of system integration. In terms of language, the system is a process consisting of several components that are related to each other. While integration is several conditions or actions that have similarities so that they can form a unified whole.

Furthermore, in terms of the term system integration in the IT world, it is a collection of information systems that form a unified whole to achieve certain goals more comprehensively. So, system integration can collect several different information systems to be combined or synchronized to form a single unit.

Try to imagine, if you start a business and create a company without using the right integration system. So, the company that you build will have difficulty in the management system and the management of each department or field in your business. Then, you will start to lose to compete with other competitors who have implemented integration in their company’s information systems.

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7 Reasons for the Importance of System Integration

After you start to understand what system integration really is, then next we will explain some of the reasons it is important to integrate systems in a company or organization.

Simplify the Resource Optimization Process

The first reason is to simplify the optimization of existing resources. To manage system requirements within the company, of course, requires large resources. Both in terms of time, place, allocation of funds, etc. To make this easier, system integration is needed.

Optimization here has many criteria, for example by replacing or adding some important features and systems to improve your business performance. The role of technology here is very important to shorten a job to be more efficient.

Then, you can also manage human resources (HR) properly. Ensure that the tasks assigned to each individual are appropriate and appropriate for the given responsibility. And finally, make sure to always monitor the work of each department in working on a project.

Data Access Can Be Done in Real Time

The second reason, data access can be seen and monitored in real time or directly. So, you don’t have to wait too long for information and check repeatedly for some data. In the current era of digitalization, you must be wise to use various technologies to support your career.

For example, you can start creating a data center (data center). Its function here is to accommodate a lot of information stored in the database. So, you can manage all kinds of data neatly, easily, and quickly.

You also don’t need to use a lot of documents (paperless). On the other hand, it can also save expenses and can be used for other purposes.

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Ease in Decision Making

The third reason is that it can facilitate the process of making a decision. If you become a leader, then the most important thing that must be possessed is the spirit of leadership (leadership). Every leader must have a clear vision and mission to make decisions in order to improve the quality of the business being run.

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By using the right integration system, decision making becomes faster and more precise. For example, you have a startup that is engaged in web development, The first step that must be done, of course, is that you have the commitment and resources to support the creation of a good startup.

Next, you begin to determine what service or services you will provide to customers. You can do research in many ways, one of which is by using internet access. Make sure you know your competitors and user needs regarding website development.

Next, you start recruiting several people who are experts in each area of ​​application development. Making decisions to grow your business is very important to increase the morale of everyone in the company.

Speeding up the Inter-Departmental Communication Process

In today’s digital era, fast communication is in dire need. By implementing the system integration correctly, it is possible to connect between departments more effectively and easily.

Communication between teams is needed to get a common perception to produce the best product. If there is no communication between each person, it is impossible to produce a quality product. In this case the system integration process is needed for smooth product development.

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The Time Management Process Is Structured

Time management can be carried out in a more structured manner by using an integrated system. With so many information systems owned by a company, of course it has good system integration to manage product processing time effectively.

Usually, several customers give an assessment of the project execution time. If the company feels that the company is on time in designing the product, the customer will give a good appreciation to the company. And vice versa, if the work process is more than the specified time limit, it can reduce customer confidence in the business.

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Improve Teamwork

The importance of cooperation is an obligation if you set up a company or lead an organization. Coordination between teams must be considered and maintained properly. For example, in the IT world, especially in the field of developers, of course you are familiar with the term SDLC.

To work on an application, it can be done by forming various teams and SDLC can simplify the process. The existence of a cycle in system development can improve team work and communication in software development.

Basically, humans are social creatures who cannot live alone and always need help from others. Therefore, if you can integrate the system well then any problems can be solved quickly.

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Improving the Quality of Project Integration

The last reason is that it can improve the quality of project integration. In the industrial world, we are definitely required to provide maximum performance in the hope of providing good outcomes in the company you work for. Likewise with projects, the work process should not be carried out at random.

There needs to be further discussion between every part of the company and organization. Companies are not judged by how many projects have been done, but rather by how high the quality of the projects that have been done. So, it would be nice if the company paid attention to the quantity and quality of the projects being carried out to increase the credibility of the company.


System integration is a process that consists of several components that are related to each other. There are at least, seven reasons the importance of system integration for companies.

Implementing the correct system integration can increase the credibility and quality of the company. To create a good integration system, it is necessary to have support from every party such as the system, environment, human resources, and other resources.

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