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Freelance: Definition, Examples and How to Become a Freelancer in the IT field

Desiliciouskitchen-There are many ways to earn money from the internet. Freelance is one of the jobs related to digital technology and utilizes the internet network. Currently, the need for freelance is increasing because it has several advantages over the work done in general.

In this article, we will review what freelance is, along with examples of their work, related sites, and how to become a professional freelancer. Previously, we must first know the meaning of freelance.

Definition of freelance

Freelance is one type of work where there is no long-term bond with the client or the person delivering a project. People who do freelance activities are called freelancers.

A freelancer can do work without the need to come to the office first. However, it can be done at home or in various places with unlimited working hours. Provided, the target of the project results have been achieved in accordance with the agreed time.

Freelance is generally referred to as a freelancer. The work contract owned by the freelancer only contains the project to be worked on, the cost, and the processing time. So, if the work is considered complete, then the contract with the client is considered complete.

How to become a professional freelancer

The following are some ways to become a professional and qualified freelancer according to the type of work.

1. Type of diversified worker

The first type are freelancers who work in various fields with different projects and customers. For example, there is a freelancer who works on building client A’s website in the morning, then works on a company logo design project for client B in the afternoon.

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2. Types of freelance business owners

The second is the type of freelancer who has his own business as a side outside his main job. For example, there is a freelancer who works for a company, then he also opens a cafe business at night. The challenge of this type is that freelancers must be able to manage their time well, so as not to cause conflicts of interest.

3. Moonlighter type

The third type is almost the same as the second type. However, for this type, the freelancer already has a permanent job and freelance is just a side job. For example, a worker already has a permanent job at company A, but in the evening, becomes a private tutor. So the purpose of being a freelancer itself is to increase income apart from the permanent job that you have been occupied.

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4. Type of temporary worker

The fourth type is a freelancer who is bound by a company contract for a certain period of time. For example, a company needs employees to replace employees who are on maternity leave. So, the company contracted for 3 months to temporarily replace his work position. So after 3 months, the contract is over.

Freelance work in IT

There are several freelance jobs related to IT. Here are some recommended jobs that you can try to do from now on.

1. Web developers

Working as a freelance web developer is very interesting and much in demand now. However, you must prepare special skills in the field of programming. You are also required to work on client-assigned projects on time and usually take up to several months.

To become a web developer, of course, you must have special abilities, both in terms of front end and backend. Regarding the front end, at least you must master markup languages ​​such as HTML and CSS, then the Javascript programming language. And for the backend, you must master the programming language PHP, Python, Java, and frameworks such as Laravel or CodeIgniter.

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2. Android developers

The second freelance IT job is to become an android developer. For now, this work has increased from the demand side of the project. Because, many internet users access information through mobile devices.

Thus, it requires someone to learn a mobile programming language as well as a website. For android developers, they usually use tools from android studio with the Kotlin and Java programming languages. However, for those of you who work as web developers, you can also use React to change the web programming language to mobile (cross-platform) without having to work from scratch.

3. Business analyst

The task of a business analyst is to analyze the business of a company or related agency. Then, also conduct an assessment of the business model being implemented, then integrate it with technology to obtain an optimal solution.

You must have a basic education in the IT field to become a freelancer business analyst. In addition, have critical thinking, and can make the right decisions for business progress. The most important skill here is the ability to communicate well with clients and your coworkers.

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4. Graphic design

Furthermore, for those of you who are interested in making logo, poster, or banner designs, you can try becoming a graphic design freelancer. This job, of course, requires the ability to draw and create an illustration that has aesthetic and dynamic value.

5. Youtuber

The fifth is one of the jobs that is in great demand today and is closely related to social media, namely youtuber. Where, YouTubers are people who create content in the form of videos and upload them through the social media site Youtube. There is a lot of content that you can try to pursue, from vlogs, games, education, business, health, to podcasts.

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6. Bloggers

Freelance which is then related to the field of writing. If you are interested and interested in writing on a website page, you can try to become a freelance blogger. Where, your main task is to make articles in the form of blogs to be read by website visitors.

7. Animators

Next, there is work related to animation development. The person in charge of creating animation is called an animator. In Indonesia itself, there are very few freelances related to the animation field, because the industry is still not crowded when compared to companies abroad.

If you are interested, there are several freelancer sites that can offer this work with a variety of different company backgrounds. Animation itself can be used for industrial production of films, advertisements, and games (video games).

8. Content Writer

For those of you who have the ability to write articles, then you can try to become a content writer. The most important thing so that your writing can enter on the first page in search engines, then you must learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

With SEO, you can optimize the website pages that have been created so that they can compete with the articles of your business competitors. For this type of freelance, it is closely related to digital marketing. You also need to learn the science related to online marketing business.

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9. Laptop service

And the last freelance is to open a laptop service service. Later, you will repair damage to the customer’s computer hardware. This job requires special skills and abilities related to electrical, network, and computer technology.

8 Recommended best freelancer sites

The following are some of the best freelancer sites that you can access to find various jobs in the freelance world, both domestically and abroad.

  • Sribulancer
  • Indonesian freelancers
  • Sribu
  • Gobann
  • 99Design
  • Crowdsource
  • Upwork

Freelance advantages and disadvantages

Freelance is a form of activity that can be done by everyone by utilizing the internet. However, for those of you who want to become freelancers, you must know the advantages and disadvantages they have.

1. Advantages

The following are some things related to the advantages of freelance.

  • More flexible working hours

By being a freelancer, of course you have more time to work on a project than a client. You can also decide for yourself when you want to work on the task, but in an order that is tailored to the end result of the project.

  • Gain experience and improve skills

Of course, you will be required to work on projects individually or only with a few teams. So, these challenges will allow you to further develop and improve your soft skills and hard skills. In addition, it can add work experience and enrich your portfolio.

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2. Weaknesses

Following are some of the disadvantages of being a freelancer.

  • Lack of facilities

The first drawback is the lack of obtaining supporting facilities for a job. If you are in an office environment, it’s a different story. Automatically, various project support services will be provided. However, as a freelancer, of course, you have to prepare various needs from the technical side and the tools used.

  • Income that tends to fluctuate

And the next drawback is the fluctuating freelance income. Adjusted to the intensity of the project being worked on. And, adjust to the availability of existing jobs.


For a career as a freelancer, make sure you have the ability according to your talents and interests. In addition, make sure to always follow developments and trends related to jobs that are popular and much needed by customers. Don’t forget to expand your connections, to make it easier to get new clients.

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