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Tips for choosing the Right IT Consultant for Startup

Desiliciouskitchen-The role of information technology today is very important in the world of the digital industry. This time, we will discuss more about start-up companies or often referred to as startups. When it comes to technology-based companies and IT service, the need for IT consultants also continues to increase.

Every large company and startup certainly needs a professional IT consultant. Especially, for business people who are still early or beginners in the IT world. We need people who have the ability to analyze and provide good solutions for your business or organization.

Before discussing more about how to choose the right person for this position. We will inform some important discussion about the salary, duties, and responsibilities of this job.

What is IT Consultant

An IT Consultant or IT Consultant is someone who has special responsibilities and expertise both in communication, organizational management, and has an understanding of IT systems.

So, an IT Consultant can work with clients to provide advice or input based on technology recommendations that are effective and efficient in helping the company’s business goals.

With the hope of being able to increase productivity, work efficiency, and assist in monitoring work activities structurally to the smallest line. The technology in question can be in the form of software, hardware, or other internal needs.

IT Consultant Salary

According to the Quipper website, the average salary for IT consultants is 6 to 11 million. The nominal value is also adjusted to the needs and standards of each company.

Usually, the minimum education that must be taken is Strata 1 (S1) to be able to fill this job position. And most importantly, must master some basic skills related to information systems, data analysis in applications, project management, to network integration.

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Duties and Responsibilities

There are several main tasks that must be fulfilled by a professional IT consultant, including the following.

  • Meet with clients to discuss requirements as well as regarding the necessary needs.
  • Determine the time span and what resources are needed for the technology-related audit process.
  • Analyze every component related to software, hardware, and network according to the needs of the client or user.
  • Responsible for improving and redesigning the system design that is more needed by the client.
  • Take responsibility for ensuring that every item and feature in the software can work properly, and can be used easily by users.
  • Monitoring the need for a computer network that has been designed in accordance with appropriate instructions or procedures.
  • Make reports related to system requirements documentation to the client.
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How to Choose an IT Consultant

The tips we provide are very easy and can be applied to startups that are just starting out or those that have been running for a long time.

This article is not only intended for startup owners, but can also be used as a reference for people who want a career in the IT world, especially in the IT consulting field. Here are some tips that can be used as guidelines for choosing the right IT Consultant for your startup.

1. Think critically and openly

The first tip for choosing the right IT consultant is to determine whether the consultant is open and critical thinking. These two things are very important for a consultant to have.

Critical thinking also means thinking rationally. Rational here is something that is done consciously and carefully thought out beforehand. Critical thinking also includes aspects of intelligence and solutions.

Intelligence here includes various aspects and the most important is in the intellectual and emotional aspects. Solutive here means having thoughts to be able to solve a problem.

By thinking critically, the IT consultant can solve and provide solutions for the system according to your startup needs. In addition to critical thinking, an IT consultant is also expected to be able to be open.

The purpose of being open here is to be able to work creatively and innovatively. So, the pattern of thinking can be out of the box. To solve a problem, a consultant is not only fixated on one way to solve the problem.

However, a professional IT consultant also thinks of other ways that can be used as alternative solutions for your startup. In addition, it is also hoped that you can choose a consultant who can work well with other people so that problems can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

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2. Experienced in implementation

There is a proverb that says, experience is the best teacher. Perhaps, the proverb can be proven if we look at it from a business perspective.

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A person will learn from his experience when that person experiences a failure. This will indirectly make the experience of being a new teacher for him. And with that experience, one will not repeat the mistake a second time.

One indicator of the success of an IT consultant is measured by his experience. This experience can be demonstrated by how the consultant can handle a case well.

A good consultant can be measured from a geographical point of view. First, it is measured by how many cases can be handled in various types of areas. Not only in one area, but in various other areas can also solve problems well.

Second, it is measured by how many cases can be handled in certain areas with different case levels. It is very important for a consultant to know the level of understanding in terms of providing the best solution.

With an IT consultant who has a lot of experience, it has proven that the consultant has a high commitment to his work. In addition, you can also manage data well, and can also summarize it into an appropriate IT product for your startup or company.

3. Have legality

Then, the third tip is that an IT consultant who wants to work at your startup must have clear legality. This legality can be measured if the consultant has a license such as a CV or PT.

This legality is very suitable for those of you who are engaged in the startup world or new companies to assist your assessment in choosing an IT consultant.

It is possible if an IT consultant who has good performance and considerable experience can also be accepted by you. As long as your startup has the same goals as the consultant.

Then, you also have to know about financial capabilities. These factors are very important for your startup before contracting an IT consultant. You should also know about the resulting profit and loss.

4. Portfolio quality

The next tip for choosing the right IT consultant is to pay attention to the quality of the portfolio. Well, for these tips you should pay close attention.

Portfolio quality here means having experience in implementing products, systems, or applications in several places. This is very important to avoid trial and error carried out by experts and fresh graduates.

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In addition, using a portfolio allows you to determine the quality of the consultant. The portfolio can be used as a reference or proof that the consultant has met the requirements or has experience to work in that field.

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5. Have many partners

The fifth tip for choosing the right IT consultant is to have many partners. The number and number of loyal partners who have become customers of IT consultants is one of the benchmarks that must be considered.

Loyal partners exist because the consultant has many services. So it can be analogized that, the more services that have been provided by consultants, the more partners they have.

If you have many partners, it will be very easy for you to make decisions in choosing the IT consultant. You don’t need to think twice if the consultant has many partners and a good track record of these partners to the consultant.

6. Competent HR

The last tip that is very important is that the consultant has competent HR (Human Resources). This last tip is no less important than the other tips. A competent IT consultant has a critical and open mind. In addition, he also has experience in its implementation.

Besides being competent, a consultant is also expected to have a professional formation. Because the CV can place individuals or employees according to their abilities, experience and passion. So that it can improve the performance possessed in the consulting process.

Competent here means being able to work in any conditions and at any time. Both personally and as a team can provide solutions for your startup well and according to the needs of your startup product.


  • In choosing the right IT consultant, you must determine the various criteria that we have described.
  • You also have to make sure that the consultant fits the needs of the startup you are managing. Because, to build a good company, it takes employees or consultants who have the same commitment and goals as your startup.
  • For a career as an IT consultant, make sure you have fulfilled the six tips above to make it easier for you to get a job as a professional consultant.

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