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15 New and Online Business Opportunities in the IT World

Desiliciouskitchen-There are many things that you have to prepare to open or enter the world of business or entrepreneurship. You need to determine the factors of market competition, consumer needs, or require capital costs. However, before you prepare all these things, you need to analyze and consider carefully the decision regarding the business opportunity that you will build or start.

Why is it necessary? Because, nowadays many entrepreneurs have large capital, but cannot take advantage of well-developed business opportunities. Or, lots of people fail to start their own business because competition with business competitors is very tight. In this article, we will discuss more deeply about the latest online business business opportunities with small capital, especially businesses in the IT world.

Preparation for new business opportunities

What needs to be prepared regarding the development of the business world, both globally and at the domestic level. Business opportunities are the initial key to opening a business path and starting a business. Here are some things to consider in choosing the right job and solution.

1. Follow your interests and talents

Everyone has their own talents and interests. And usually, some people also have a tendency to focus and pursue their interests or talents to achieve their goals and desires.

Well, if you have the desire to go directly into the world of business or industry, the thing you need to think about and make sure carefully is to adjust the business or business that you are going to build. Is it suitable or in accordance with the criteria of interest or talent possessed or not.

This step can help you to reduce the failure rate in starting a business. In the IT world itself, of course, most of them tend to have interests and expertise in the field of technology and information. So, you have to think with an open mind, whether the business opportunity that is built is suitable or not with my passion and interests.

2. Online nature

In this era of gadgets and the need for internet network resources, of course every business actor also thinks about the concept of a new business opportunity that is suitable and supports online needs and does not only rely on conventional transactions. Currently, a lot of work can be done remotely or using the help of existing technology tools and applications.

The advantage of having an online business is that it is able to expand consumer networks, and the information needed can be accessed in real-time. The most important thing here is being able to support a job that can be done anytime and anywhere.

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3. Doing business competitor research

After you determine an online business opportunity that matches your interests, the next step is to focus on researching your competitors or business competitors. The goal is, when you have entered the field, you have prepared all the needs properly and appropriately.

So, you no longer need to be confused or panic in dealing with real conditions in the field. The advantage of this research is that it is also able to determine the readiness and condition of the resources we have, whether they are sufficient to build business and business opportunities by facing the existing competition. Or can change the pattern of performance that we have to adapt to existing business conditions.

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4. Focus on your goals and working principles

Then, you also have to always focus on your initial goals and principles of building a business. If you have good goals, it will give good results for your business.

Good working principles can be done by changing your mindset to be more open, active and developing relationships, and always following the latest news and information about business and business in various media.

5. Manage and utilize capital well

The final preparation that you can use is to try to build a small capital business opportunity that is relevant to the needs of today’s consumers. However, if you have sufficient capital, then you should try to learn to manage capital according to the existing expenses.

Also make sure to always use finances and manage according to existing needs. Start learning to manage every thing related to business budget needs. So, when the business you are running experiences a decline in turnover, you still have the cost of saving reserves to cover the temporary losses you experience.

List of online business opportunities in the IT world

There are lots of new business opportunities that have sprung up in 2020. Especially from the technology, information and communication sectors. Here are some examples of online business opportunities that you can try, with small capital.

1. Online courses

The first online business opportunity is an online course. Here, you can start to open courses related to the development and learning of information technology. Such as opening private lessons about computer programming, computer network installation, interactive multimedia design techniques, etc.

This job is also included in the small capital business opportunity which is currently needed by several students or students who are interested in the IT world. Especially for those who follow education and careers in the digital industry and startups.

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2. Website creation services

Websites are currently widely used and accessed by all people in the world. Thus, the need for website creation services is growing rapidly. You can try your luck in the business by becoming a web programmer.

It takes special skills to understand programming languages, algorithms, and data structures of a program. The advantage of this business opportunity is that it can be done online and does not require large capital.

3. Service computer / PC

If you have talent and interest in computer repair. There is nothing wrong with trying this online business opportunity without requiring a very large capital.

With enough technical skills and having some specialized equipment, you can make quite a bit of profit. You can take advantage of your interests and skills to be able to become a new job that matches your passion.

4.  Selling software / Software

The need for software certainly continues to increase. Especially, for some people who want to buy a software officially accompanied by a license. You can try the business right now, of course, you must also have special capital such as expertise in software installation.

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In addition, they must also have the ability and knowledge of the latest technology. So, every consumer who is interested in your product can understand the meaning and explanation you convey.

5. Selling blog themes

The need for information is increasing along with the development of websites and mobile applications. So, many people are interested in buying the theme of a blog. Blogs are website content that provides information in the form of articles, news, bulletins, etc.

You need to try this small capital business opportunity by utilizing the internet and your computer equipment. This work can also be done online or remotely.

6. Translator

The next business opportunity is to become a translator (translator). This work is included in the small capital business opportunity that can be done online.

The thing that needs to be prepared is, you must have the ability to be able to translate several foreign languages ​​according to the needs of your business and clients. So, make sure to master more than 2 foreign languages ​​so you can work professionally.

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7. Become an SEO consultant

The new business opportunity in 2020 is of course an SEO consultant. This work can of course be done anywhere and anytime. The main focus of SEO itself is to optimize the performance and ranking of web pages so that they are ranked on the first page of the Google search engine.

You can start this business by learning self-taught starting from technical and non-technical things. You don’t need to worry, because this work does not focus on developing applications in the form of coding, but rather on techniques or how to optimize the application or website.

8. Freelance app development

Surely you are familiar with freelance work. Well, for those of you who are interested in opening up online business opportunities with small capital, you can try to become a freelance programmer.

Here, you are required to be able to develop and build applications according to client needs with a predetermined time limit. Usually, you can work flexibly and are not limited by time for the project process.

9. Writer Online

The next new business opportunity is an online writer or so-called content writer. The task of the content writer here is to make an article or article to be uploaded on a website.

If you have an interest and are interested in the field of writing, then it never hurts to try this job. Because, in 2020, the need for content writers continues to increase because many people spend time reading content through their application devices.

10. Freelance graphic design

The next new business opportunity is graphic design freelance. For those of you who have expertise and high artistic spirit, you can try to become a designer for the needs of designing an application or making logos, banners, etc.

For now, there is a lot of need for designing a company brand. So, you can start a business by becoming a graphic design freelancer with only a computer device, and the support of a stable internet source.

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11. Opening service for electronic goods

The next business opportunity is electronic device repair services. For those of you who are interested in the field of electricity or electricity, you can try selling electronic goods service services.

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It is enough with knowledge, as well as supporting equipment for repairing tools, then you can open a business using only small capital. In general, electronic devices that can usually be repaired are televisions, washing machines, monitors, radios, etc.

12. Become a YouTuber

The next new business opportunity is to become a YouTuber. Lately, this work has become a trend and has grown a lot of new content creators. With enough computer and internet network, you can create a work in the form of a video which will later be uploaded on a social media called Youtube.

Make sure you first determine the theme or content that you will present to your channel visitors. Then, the most important thing here is, to always maintain integrity and not plagiarize existing content.

13. Social media management

If you are interested and always spend time on social media, you can take advantage of various features in social media to start your business. For example, by opening advertising services on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Then, you can also upload interesting content and share tips and tricks through the available features.

This online business opportunity can be done at any time and is not limited by time. What needs to be considered here is, make sure to always keep the post and not lead to content that contains elements of hate or SARA.

14. Web designer

If previously there was a job in the field of website programming, then there is a new business opportunity, namely becoming a web designer. The purpose of this work is to focus on making the initial appearance of the website design before it is translated into coding by the website developer.

You need to prepare for the need for computer equipment, tools for making designs, and an adequate internet network. Expand relationships and communities to develop your career in the world of designers.

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15. IT Consultant

The last small capital business opportunity is to become an IT consultant. The task of an IT consultant here is to provide consultation and recommendations to clients regarding business and business related to the latest technology and information.

You should focus on how to provide the best solutions and solutions to clients in order to help their business. IT consultants must have critical and open thinking, to be able to overcome various problems that exist in the IT world.


  • Business opportunity is one of the main keys to be able to develop your career to be more focused and on target. Quality work can be achieved if we have goals, passion, and a mindset that fits the business we run.
  • Things that need to be prepared to face new business opportunities include following interests and talents, being online, conducting competitor research, focusing on goals, and being able to manage capital well.
  • There are 15 lists of online business opportunities in the IT world that you can take advantage of at this time in order to compete in the digitalization era. Also make sure, the job is in accordance with your conditions and specialization.

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