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7 Product Marketing Strategies You Must Try

Desiliciouskitchen-What can be done to make the product liked by the market or society? How exactly are the techniques for marketing products and examples of good and correct product marketing strategies? What is an example of a good marketing strategy? Several methods will be discussed here. Then of course a direct promotion strategy can be done too!

Knowing exactly how to market a product is one of the important things that determines the company’s performance. Product marketing strategy is an activity that must be carried out to introduce the product more broadly to the public. Therefore, you as a business person need to apply this example of an effective product marketing strategy to improve the development of your business.

Know About Marketing Strategy

Product marketing strategy is an effort to market a product, goods or service in a certain way so that sales will increase. Simply put, marketing or marketing can be interpreted as a series of efforts made by business people to achieve certain targets.

The main objectives of the product marketing strategy are:

  • To improve the quality of coordination within the marketing team. This is done so that each team member can work together well, effectively and efficiently
  • As a measurement tool for marketing results based on predetermined achievement standards. If there is no clear bookkeeping, the company cannot measure the value of sales
  • To improve the ability to adapt when there is a change in marketing. Because the market world is very dynamic, it is necessary to form the right strategy with integration into other company divisions
  • As a reasonable basis for decision making. With the sales data, the company can determine the next marketing strategy to be carried out

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Marketing Strategy Concept

There is a special concept in the marketing strategy of a product or service, so that when it is implemented it is more focused.

The following are specific concepts of marketing strategy:

1. Market segmentation

You need to classify the market first, because everyone has different needs. Heterogeneous classification becomes a homogeneous market unit.

2. Market Positioning

Determine a specific pattern so that you get consumers who match your business. This pattern is made in order to get a strong position in the market, namely a segment that can benefit the business. This is done because no company can control the market needs.

3. Market Entry Strategy

One strategy that a company can take if it wants to have a strong position in just one segment is the market entry strategy. The concept of this marketing strategy can be done if your company wants to enter a certain market segment.

The things you can do are:

  • Buying another company
  • Internal Development
  • Cooperation with other companies
  • Marketing Mix Strategy

The marketing mix strategy is a collection of many variables that the company uses to influence consumer responses.

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The following variables are contained in the marketing mix:

  • Products
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • Participant
  • Process
  • People Physical Evidence
  • Timing Strategy

Here the company needs to make good preparations in the field of production, and determine the right time to distribute products to the market. This is an elaboration of the timing strategy on the concept of marketing strategy. With the right timing, you can do some preparation of the marketing strategy concept in the production sector. In addition, you can determine the right time to distribute the product to the market.

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7 Product Marketing Strategies You Must Try

What can be done to make the product liked by the market or society? In addition to maintaining product quality, several other things can be done by applying good and correct marketing techniques. Here you will learn how to market or how to market products that are good and right.

Then, of course, apart from implementing a marketing strategy, you also need to set a practical and easy financial management strategy.

Below will be discussed 7 (seven) ways to market the best products that must be done to increase sales of your business products.

Then in order for the product to be liked by the market or society, producers need to pay attention to the following, namely:

1. Know Your Target Market Before You Start Implementing Your Product Marketing Strategy

You have to really know your market, master your target market.

The first step that can be done is to research who is your target market. The more specific your target market is, the better your chances of success.

For example, if you work in the clothing section of teenage girls. Then you can target your market with adjustments to the products that are produced. Like a girl who is still in school and aged 12-18 years.

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2. Optimize Marketing Strategy Using Social Media

How exactly do you market products and product marketing strategies that are good and right? What is an example of a good marketing strategy? Journal Blog By Mekari will review it in full. We all agree, social media is the most powerful marketing tool because almost everyone from different backgrounds is very active in using it.

For example, promoting using Instagram and Facebook is one way to market products via the internet. Usually, those of you who have an online business or online business will often do marketing through social media. Direct promotion strategies can be carried out using marketing techniques on social media.

With social media, companies can interact widely with various groups, with low costs and high visibility or visibility. Social media also allows companies to choose the right community to market their products so that what is offered has a great chance of being sold.

In social media marketing, you can also collaborate with influencers. This is one example of an effective marketing strategy to reach consumers. Many people use influencers on social media to promote their products. Let their followers know about your products through influencers.

3. Offering Free Products Is One Example Of An Effective Marketing Strategy

This method is considered very powerful to attract consumers because something free will be very difficult to pass up. Another reason why this strategy is considered necessary is, often a customer has not bought a product because they have never tried the product.

A company can choose an event or directly offer free samples and samples door to door to potential customers. If the product is in the form of a service or digital media, the company can offer a free trial or try it for free to attract potential consumers to know a product. Several marketing techniques and examples of product marketing strategies are quite effective.

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4. Choosing a Strategic Place Is One Way To Market The Right Product

Strategic place is still one example of a marketing strategy that should be considered. Because with a strategic point of sale means that your product has a higher probability of being seen and of course triggering high sales. The criteria for selecting this strategic place must be in accordance with the targets and the ease of reaching them.

For example, if you decide to sell the needs of boarding children’s equipment, then selling near the campus or school area will make it possible for your product to sell quickly and be seen. Manage food and beverage business effectively. Learn More Journal Features here!

5. Incentives for Recommendations

A product will look good and can be trusted if someone recommends it. To get a recommendation or testimonial from a consumer who has used the product, you must give an award in the form of an attractive incentive. The incentive for a testimonial does not always have to be in the form of money, but can be in the form of product gifts or price discounts. This is one example of a product marketing strategy that can be tried.

With this incentive, the company indirectly wins two parties for marketing targets, namely loyal consumers and potential customers. Product recommendations are now a market strategy used by almost all products.

6. Establish Good Relationships with Consumers

Establishing a good relationship with your consumers is anything that is done to make the product liked by the market or society. Given that loyal customers are an important company asset. They have repeatedly purchased your product and contributed to the income on a regular basis.

If you don’t want to lose a purchase, in the midst of competition with many similar products, there’s nothing wrong with rewarding customers who are loyal to the company. One of them is by responding to consumer input or giving gifts directly for the purchases they make.

This is quite effective as a way of marketing food products because this type of product relies on the loyalty of its buyers to survive in the business world.

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7. Take advantage of word of mouth marketing techniques

Direct promotion strategy can be done by using this word of mouth marketing technique. This way your marketing team communicates directly with consumers. After consumers buy a product and are satisfied with the product, consumers will tell other consumers who have the potential to buy the product.

A marketing strategy is needed so that the products you sell can be more widely known by the public and of course get a lot of consumers. If you stay focused on this one thing, of course your sales will increase.

Thus, in order for the product to be liked by the market or the public, producers need to pay attention to the following, namely some of the things mentioned above. Because direct promotion strategies can be done using several things that have been mentioned, such as through social media, choosing a strategic place of business to using word of mouth marketing techniques.

Types of Product Marketing Strategy

The following are 4 types of product marketing strategies that you need to know:

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1. Direct Selling

Direct selling or direct selling is a type of marketing strategy in which the seller will sell his products directly to consumers. Although direct, but generally the seller is not done in retail stores. You can do this door-to-door or meet consumers directly. You as a marketer can visit the homes of targeted consumers.

The offer of goods is done there by relying on persuasive abilities. The advantage of this strategy is that the capital does not need to be large, so it is suitable for businesses that do not have large capital. However, the drawback is that the marketer or marketer will be faster or more tired from continuing to walk. In addition, some people or consumers are also uncomfortable with this method because it is annoying and seems like they are forced to buy.

2. Earned Media

The second way to market products is earned media. In contrast to direct sales, this type of strategy is actually carried out indirectly. The main thing you have to do to implement this strategy is to build relationships and trust with the community. So, you need to build a brand and form a good image through social media.

3. Point of Purchase

Point of Purchase (POP) is a marketing strategy by placing marketing or advertising materials near the product being promoted. This strategy is very suitable to be applied to retail stores that sell a variety of products. According to research, about 64% of people who come to retail stores still haven’t decided which product to buy.

You can take advantage of these conditions by directing them to buy your product. muster all product knowledge and communication skills so that consumers are interested and hard to resist. You can do this point of purchase product marketing strategy by making displays with special attractive designs and placing them in strategic places such as near entrances and exits.

4. Internet Marketing

Surely you are also familiar with this marketing strategy, right? Internet marketing is a marketing strategy that is well known and practiced by many business actors at this time. The easy and fast method makes this strategy widely chosen. In addition, there are also many social media choices such as Instagram, Facebook, websites, email marketing and many others.

This type of marketing strategy will run smoothly if you can create content that attracts buyers. Especially if you can create your own brand on social media, that is a very good advantage.

Oh yes, all types of content that you create are also assets in the form of copyright, do not create content carelessly.

Those are some types of product marketing strategies that you need to know. So you can choose a marketing strategy that will be carried out effectively and make your business more advanced. Well, now it’s been answered, isn’t it what is being done so that the product is liked by the market or the public?

After the methods and strategies for marketing this product are going well, you also have to start managing your finances well. Because with good and proper financial management, the business will continue to grow.

Know Your Target Market Before You Start Implementing How To Market Your Products, Marketing Your Products Strategy, And Use Journals To Monitor Sales Results Reports!

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