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5 Benefits of Using Cloud-Based Software

Desiliciouskitchen-Companies that want to grow, of course, must be able to follow trends, especially trends in the technology world. Technology in the form of cloud-based software is often used by companies to make business processes more efficient.

What is Cloud Based Software?

Cloud Computing is a technology that combines the use of computers and the internet. By utilizing this technology, you can conduct business activities anytime and anywhere. This technology also helps you in business competition to open up business opportunities to further develop by providing new innovations.

Benefits of Using Cloud-Based Software for Companies

Here are some of the benefits that you can get by using cloud-based technology.

Lower Capital

By choosing Cloud-based technology, you can save on startup costs as well as operational costs. Where, you don’t have to spend money to buy hardware or software. You also don’t need to pay for installation, maintenance, electricity costs, server cooling costs, or IT expert fees to manage it.

Although the costs incurred are not too large, you can still use world-class software to help manage your business. Online accounting software such as Jurnal is one of the cloud-based software that can help you manage finances and business accounting processes.

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Running a Business Easier

In running a business, you will usually experience problems in business processes, ranging from geographical scale problems to limited resources. Using Cloud-based software, you can solve these problems well.

Where, this technology can provide the right amount of technology resources such as computing power, storage, and bandwidth. Not only that, you can also access this technology anytime and anywhere with an internet connection.

Work Faster

In addition to making it easier, Cloud-based software can also help you work faster. With this technology, it only takes you a minute to get your job done.

For example, you use cloud-based accounting software. This means that you only need to enter transaction data into the system, and the system will process the data into real-time and accurate financial reports.

Data Stored Safely

Cloud technology systems run on an international network with centralized data stored securely and will be updated regularly. This technology can also help you back up your data and help restore corrupted data.

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Easier Business Expansion

Even if your business is small, with Cloud technology, you can more easily expand your market. Through Cloud technology, your marketing activities will run better, where, this technology can be accessed anytime and anywhere through a smartphone screen. You can also integrate some cloud software with the system you are using.

By using Cloud-based technology for business, entrepreneurs can save time and save energy in doing their jobs. Software with this technology usually does not require you to incur additional costs upfront and also does not require you to sign a long contract.

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Reasons to Use Cloud-Based Software

Cloud technology has changed the business world. No matter the scale of your business, wherever you operate, cloud technology-based software opens up opportunities for you to compete, grow and innovate with the best.

The 4 major changes that occurred, among others:

  • Every company can use the best software to run its business. With a small monthly fee, every business owner can use world-class software to run their business, such as accounting systems, sales, payroll and many others.
  • Market expansion is no longer the monopoly of large corporations. All marketing strategies (SEO, social media, PPC and others) can now be accessed via smartphone screens, and customers prefer this type of marketing. The days of high-paid salesmen and high-cost marketing campaigns have passed. Every entrepreneur can become a global player. SMEs have a great opportunity to grow today.
  • Cloud technology is the basis for building economic collaboration. One of the important elements is the development of information technology. Cloud technology has become the opening path. Today, small businesses can not only use world-class software, but also can integrate it easily with the systems they already use. Communication and collaboration will be two things that are very much needed for business success.
  • Starting and running a business has never been easier. Cloud technology is the answer to many obstacles faced by traditional business processes such as: geographic scale, limited resources and obstacles to accessing the best facilities. These challenges can be overcome by new and better methods.
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One thing that is still a concern is that business owners usually have busy lives. For most of them, their business is their life.

Taking the time and resources to experience the benefits of a new technology is not simple. Fortunately, cloud technology can play a role here. There are no big upfront costs to incur and long term contracts to follow.

Most cloud service providers offer a trial period of 14-30 days, so you can try it out without spending a dime. This means you don’t have to do everything at once and can use a different approach. Write down the 3 biggest obstacles in your business. Do a quick Google search and find a cloud-based software provider that can help you.

You need to make changes to take advantage of cloud technology. It can improve your business performance at a low cost. Another advantage is that you can easily stop using the service if it doesn’t work the way you want it, without spending a lot of money.

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Cloud Based Accounting Software

Almost all Accounting Software has used cloud features via the internet, even for small businesses. Cloud features make all your business activities carried out and processed online anytime and anywhere.

While you are still using conventional Accounting Software, cloud features make everything more economical in terms of time and money. Cloud-based Accounting Software framework is more or less the same as Mobile/Internet Banking. You access data from online data stores and you don’t need to save and then download it manually.

All work will be saved and updated automatically and in real time and can be accessed via a gadget or smartphone, laptop, or computer only on condition that it is connected to the internet. You no longer need to manually store accounting data on your computer’s hard drive.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Accounting Software

Some of the benefits of using cloud-based accounting software are:

1. Cloud-Based Accounting Software Offers Affordable Prices

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In many conditions, cloud-based accounting software is cheaper and affordable in terms of price. Although of course there are various accounting software product packages that offer high prices, among the packages offered, you can still choose a cheap package with features that suit your business needs.

With a cloud-based system, you don’t have to worry about buying more licenses or creating your company network so that all employees, especially the finance department, can access the Accounting Software that you use.

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2. Support Accessibility and Mobility

Most cloud-based Accounting Software packages come with unlimited user access, although there are some vendors that require you to pay for updates to make it accessible to an unlimited number of users.

However, vendors that offer limited access on average still provide access to three to five users and are sufficient for the needs of small or medium businesses. And with Accounting Software that has been integrated with the application on your Gadget or Smartphone, this will greatly facilitate your mobility. For example, you can create invoices and save proof of payment via your Smartphone camera anytime and anywhere.

Imagine when you don’t use cloud-based Accounting Software? You are using conventional Accounting Software which requires occasional manual data backup on a computer Hard Drive or a separate cloud application. When a disaster occurs such as an Internet server suddenly shutting down and you forget to back up your data, of course it will be very inconvenient and destroy your business accounting workflow.

Cloud-based Accounting Software eliminates the risks that occur as mentioned above because all your accounting work processes are backed up automatically. Even if you encounter problems such as suddenly your work computer crashes, you don’t have to worry about losing data. The level of security offered by cloud-based accounting software is fairly high.

In essence, using cloud-based Accounting Software provides significant benefits for your business needs and activities.

That’s an explanation of cloud-based software. Now that you understand, what are the advantages of cloud-based applications compared to desktop-based applications?

Hopefully the information above is useful.

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