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Desiliciouskitchen-Javascript is a language used to make HTML documents displayed in a browser more interactive and have a faster response. Javascript is a scripting language that works on the client side, does not require a compiler to run it, just use an interpreter. At this time almost all browsers have supported javascript. In general, javascript is used to create web-based applications, but some operating systems use javascript to create non-web applications such as the MS Windows operating system, which uses the Windows Scripting Host (WSH) as a javascript interpreter.


Javascript is here as an answer to the challenge of users who expect the web pages to be displayed to be more dynamic, where the web documents displayed are not only able to display information, but can also be used to interact with an information system. Because at the beginning of the development of the website, web documents tended to be static pages of information, having no other attraction than the data and information displayed.

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The web as an online application interface must be able to accommodate the need to make it a standard as well as desktop-based applications. Javascript was first developed by Netscape, then adopted by Microsoft as a scripting language for browsers in Internet Explorer under the name Jscript.

Javascript is also designed to be used by web programmers who are not computer programmers, computer programmers who are not programmers who are educated in object-oriented programming. Initially javascript was designed so that Netscape Navigator could support applets (java applications that can run on top of a web browser). The name JavaScript itself was taken with the approval of Sun Microsystems, a company that develops Java, announced with Netscape on December 4, 1995. Previously, JavaScript was called Live Script.

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Currently the javascript language has been standardized internationally under the name ECMAScript. This standardization needs to be done, because there are differences in the implementation of javascript, such as what Microsoft has done with its Jscript. Standardization has been carried out since November 1996, and was adopted from June 1997 by ECMA, and ISO ECMAScript came out in April 1998.

Javascript Development

Until now, the JavaScript programming language has been widely adopted by software vendors, and has also penetrated into a programming language for mobile applications where web browsers on mobile devices already have a Javascript engine.

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Currently, many libraries and frameworks have been developed that allow programming to be done more easily by utilizing javascript. Some of the popular libraries and frameworks are jQuery, Dojo, ExtJS, and mootools.

With JavaScript, it is possible for web programming to be:

• Reads and writes HTML elements into a web page where JavaScript can change the currently displayed web element.
• Make web pages more dynamic, because they can insert web elements into JavaScript to be displayed on web pages later, making it possible to create animations from web elements.
• Responds to an event on top of the currently displayed web page making it possible to add a program that can automatically run without needing to refresh the web page.
• Making a web page a web-based application that can run on a web browser so that web pages are not only able to display data and information but can also interact with users, process data in the browser and receive and validate data before being sent to the server.
• Create cookies, a code that is used to store and retrieve data or information from a visitor’s browser.

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In writing a programming language, of course it has advantages and disadvantages, as well as the JavaScript programming language. The advantages of JavaScript are as follows:
• More practical and easier because the JavaScript programming language has a little syntax.
• Command processing is faster because the program is located on the client side, and can be run directly in the browser.

while the disadvantages of the JavaScript programming language include:

• Object management in JavaScript is very limited.
• The use of the script can be copied directly through a web browser, so that everyone can use the JavaScript program that has been created


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