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Desiliciouskitchen-In the world of programming, JSON is something that you must understand. Why mandatory? Is that important? Yes, because JSON is very widely used in building applications and is used in so many programming languages.

Without an understanding of JSON, programming can be a bit more complicated. Well, if you’re curious about what JSON is and want to understand more about it, take a look at the following article carefully!

What is JSON?

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. The way to read it is “Jason”, like a name. In general, JSON is a format used to exchange data and also store it.

Because it is a subset or part of Javascript, JSON can be read by so many programming languages, such as C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, Perl, and many more. The extension this format uses is .json when it stands alone.

However, JSON can also be defined in other file formats, for example in .html. If so, the JSON will appear in quotes as a JSON string. JSON can also be included in a variable.

Based on this explanation, it can be concluded that JSON has many uses. Not only that, this programming format is also easy to read and lighter than the others.

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Even though it’s simple, according to Mozilla you’ll need to master a few things before you can use JSON:

  • basic computer literacy
  • understanding of HTML and CSS
  • basic JavaScript skills
  • OOJS basics
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Advantages of Using JSON

1. Faster

The JSON syntax is very easy to use. Programmers just need to use -> as syntax so parsing and executing data is no longer complicated.

Of course, the simplicity of this format also makes it lightweight so it can execute responses faster.

2. Compatible with various browsers

JSON is supported by many browsers on different operating systems. If you are compiling JSON code, it is not difficult to make it interoperable in all types of browsers.

3. Parse server

Parsing is the process of analyzing strings or symbols in a programming language. This process is very important and can be faster using JSON.

4. Data sharing

JSON is the most appropriate means for sharing data in various sizes and formats. JSON stores data in arrays so transfer is simpler.

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JSON Component

In compiling JSON code, we must use the correct components in order for the program to run. Well, in a JSON object, there are two core elements that are important in this regard, namely key and value. A key is a component that is always a string, starting and ending with quotes.

According to Squarespace, values ​​can be strings, numbers, booleans, arrays, or objects. There are also components of key/value pairs (key/value pairs) that follow a specific syntax. In key/value, the key element ends with a colon and continues with value. Key/value pairs are separated by a comma.


JSON is a format that is often compared to XML (eXtensible Markup Language). Both are ways to store structured data. Is JSON more modern and nicer than XML? It didn’t. Both are still used today by programmers around the world.

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It’s just that, indeed, XML takes more text and looks longer than JSON so it’s harder for humans to read. Even so, XML is still needed, depending on the project you are working on and what data structure will be used.

Also, although XML looks a bit more complicated, it supports a lot more data types, such as text, numbers, images, graphics, charts, and more.

So, do you understand how important and useful JSON is in programming? Excited to learn it, thank you, hopefully useful!

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