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Desiliciouskitchen-Currently, the development of the technological era has developed quite rapidly in Indonesia and other countries. Today’s analog things are slowly turning to digital. As a millennial generation, of course, there have been many changes, such as a job as a front-end developer.

Various technological developments today have led to many changes, namely the presence of a website. The use of the website today is very much. The change in newspapers from being in the form of sheets or paper has now been transformed into an online news portal.

Along with current technological developments, there are wide opportunities for several job positions related to technology, such as work as a front-end developer. Front-end developer is a term for those whose job is to develop or design a website.

Work as a front-end developer is currently becoming popular due to advances in technology such as the internet. For those of you who want to know and learn or even have the talent to become a front-end developer, you can continue this work, you know why? Because this job is able to generate a decent income and as an addition to your experience.

To be able to understand and become a front-end developer, here are the things you need to know.

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Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

The word HTML refers to the language on the computer, of course HTML is the standard scripting language for creating web pages. HTML can be said to be a basic language that you must learn and master to become a front-end developer. HTML is able to present web pages that are very simple and less attractive.

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This HTML itself can appear differently from one browser to another. It could be that when using HTML the page looks messy in other browsers.

To make HTML more attractive, therefore, HTML can be assisted by the use of cascading style sheets (CSS), which is a programming language that can complement HTML.

This CSS can be used to give a more attractive touch to your web appearance later. By using CSS you can give the design the use of colors, web appearance, text size or the size of the appearance on the web, all of which you can set using CSS.


The second thing you need to learn and understand to become a front-end developer is JavaScript. This JavaScript is used to increase user interest by adding other interesting content such as adding video, audio content or having buttons to like or post comments using this JavaScript feature. The benefits of your website are not boring or seem to create a dynamic website.

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Backend Web Developer

The step that must be understood to become a front-end developer is the back-end web developer, which functions to store data for users who visit or use your website. In addition to storing user backend data, this web developer can also perform calculations and even process user registration forms.

PHP Hypertext Preprocessor

For a front-end developer, PHP itself can be used to check the information in the database. With PHP, it can be known whether the database of people entered by the user is right or wrong.

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For example, when a user logs in to your website, whether or not the database entered is correct, it can be checked by PHP. When the database at the time of log-in is correct then you can enter the web page, if it is wrong you have to repeat it again.


Have you ever heard the term bug? Being a front-end developer the term bug should be something that can be heard. In order to make your website run smoothly, you have to eliminate existing bugs. The use of debugging is able to make you find bugs and debug.

Responsive Design

If you want to be a front-end developer who develops your website not only on a PC but also on a cellphone or tablet, then using responsive design is important for you to learn. The use of this responsive design will help adjust the appearance of your website when it is opened via a cellphone, PC, or tablet.

The use of responsive design is quite important for you to learn considering that there are many smart phone or smartphone users today who are able to access the website though. This is important to make it easier for users or users of your website to access.

Version Control

The use of this software is optional, you can learn and you can’t, but it’s good that you can understand this software. You can learn how to check your website using this software.

Those are the basic things that you can learn to do work as a web developer or also called a front-end developer. You can sign up for Glints to see front-end developer job opportunities at your dream company.

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