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Desiliciouskitchen-With the rapid development of technology, it seems we need to know the types of programming languages ​​that are currently popular. The series of words in the form of instructions consisting of many lines of code so that they can be understood by the computer.

Over time, mastering programming languages ​​has been considered a skill that can give flexibility to your career. This is because programming languages ​​have become a link for humans and machines to interact, according to Rasmussen.

So, therefore, it is mandatory for job seekers to learn the types of programming languages. Without having to aspire to be a programmer, here are seven programming languages ​​that you need to understand.

1. Java

Launching the Computer page, Java is a programming language that can be run on various types of platforms, from computers to smartphones.

This type of programming language was pioneered by James Gosling when he was still working with Sun Microsystems. Gosling got the inspiration for the name Java when he was sipping pure coffee that was ground directly from the island of Java, Indonesia.

Today, Java has become the most popular programming language and is used on more than 15 billion devices worldwide. Not only that, all Android-based applications also use the Java programming language along with 90% of Fortune 500 companies for the development of backend systems and desktop applications.

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2. C++

The next type of programming language that you need to understand is C++. C++ is an update of the C programming language which is known as one of the oldest programming languages ​​in the world. When compared with C, the most striking difference from C++ lies in the way it solves a problem.

According to Hackr, in the C programming language, problems are solved by performing a procedural stage, where the code will be divided into smaller sub-problems.

Meanwhile, problem solving in C++ is more object-centered, so each issue found will be sorted into several classes. Because of its cutting-edge capabilities, the programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup is widely used by large companies such as Adobe and Mozilla Firefox.

3. Python

With its various important roles in the development of data science, Python is one type of programming language that you must learn. Simple but elegant, the Python programming language has been used by many companies, especially for the purposes of developing AI or artificial intelligence.

In addition, according to Code Academy, Python’s documentation library discusses visualizing large amounts of data using Matplotlib, Pandas, and others. Therefore, practitioners of the technology world do not hesitate to program desktop applications using this one programming language.

In fact, because of its capable capabilities and compatibility, large companies such as Google, Yahoo!, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Reddit also use the Python programming language in their software.

4. Ruby

In the world of web development, Ruby is one type of programming language that is often used by developers. However, nowadays, Ruby is considered a programming language that is suitable for beginners to learn.

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Why is that? This is because the programming language has one of the most friendly and helpful user communities in the world.

In addition, the syntax in it is also simple and easy enough to learn even for those who are completely new to the programming world, according to Full Stack Academy.

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5. PHP

For those of you who are looking for a programming language for website development, PHP can be a good option. The programming language developed by Rasmus Lerdrorf is often used by companies as a command language in their CMS (content management system).

One of the most famous PHP users with CMS operation is WordPress. In addition, several large websites such as Facebook, Wikipedia, and Digg also use PHP.

With serverside scripting specifically for websites and easy-to-understand database integration, according to Simpli Learn, it’s no wonder that 80% of the 10 million websites in the world use PHP.

6. Swift

Does your work environment use the iOS operating system as well as Apple devices? If yes, then you need to know the ins and outs of the Swift programming language.

This type of programming language was launched by Apple at WWDC 2014. The foundation components of Swift lie in the LLVM and Xcode compilers.

With regards to Apple as the parent company of Swift, this programming language will be the right choice if the target audience of the company you work for is Apple users. Apart from Apple products, one of the well-known apps that use Swift is the photography app VSCO Cam.

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7. JavaScript

Do you know? That the type of programming language used by search engines like Internet Explore and Opera is JavaScript?

Yes, this programming language has a number of minimalistic tools that are effective for everyday use, especially for checking coding results.

Examples of tools included in the body of JavaScript are HTML and CSS language markup development. With the capabilities of these two tools, JavaScript is also widely used for mobile apps, games, to desktop app development.

Those are seven types of programming languages ​​that are mandatory for job seekers to learn. What you need to remember is that advances in technology have pushed us to understand the basics of programming. Not a few companies are looking for candidates with qualified technical skills. Therefore, by understanding programming languages ​​and their types, companies will not hesitate to accept you as their employee.

Thank you so much. Hopefully this article can help you!

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