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Desiliciouskitchen-JavaScript? Programmers must be familiar with these words. JavaScript is one of the most popular computer programming languages. Then can you run the program? Do you know the details about the definition, advantages and disadvantages of the JavaScript programming language?
For those of you who already understand it’s okay to read this article. Well, this article is more specifically for those of you who don’t understand the JavaSricpt programming language or even hear it for the first time and maybe for those of you who want to learn to use JavaScript.

Understanding JavaScript

JavaScript according to Wikipedia is a high-level and dynamic programming language. JavaScript is very popular on the internet and can work in some web browser markets such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla Firefox, Netspace and Opera. JavaScript code can be embedded in web pages using the SCRIPT tag.

JavaScipt was developed by Netscape’s Brendean Eich under the name Mocha and changed to LiveScript and eventually to JavaScript. JS is a kind of client side programming language. So JavaScript is one of the most used programming languages in the last 20 years. JavaScript is known as one of the three main programming languages for web developers, namely:

• HTML, allows to add content to web pages.
• CSS, determines the layout, style, and alignment of web pages.
• JavaScript, improve the appearance and system of web pages.

Basically this programming language can be learned quickly and easily and can be used for a variety of purposes, from enhancing website functionality to activating web-based games and software. There are thousands of JS templates and apps that you can use for free and it’s all thanks to some sites, like Github.

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The use of JS code is optional i.e. it doesn’t always have to be there. However, today’s modern web or blog almost all use JS code even if a little. This is because without JS a web will be incomplete. JavaScript is a complex but flexible language and many developers provide tools that consist of JS cores that can be used extra.

These tools are:
• Application Programming interfaces (APIs), built into web browsers to do anything from dynamically generated HTML documents and CSS sets, to capturing and modifying video from a web cam or creating 3D animation and audio.
• API is a third party that provides access for developers to connect their applications on other web such as facebook and twitter.
• Third-party frameworks and libraries are embedded in HTML so developers can build applications quickly.

Since we have already discussed the meaning of JavaScript, now let’s continue the journey, which is to find out the advantages and disadvantages of JavaScript.

Advantages of JavaScript

1. Easy to Learn
How can JS be easy to learn? Of course it’s easy because JS uses convenience in scripting. Almost all programmers studied at the beginning were JS in addition to simple languages such as C++ and Pascal. Fundamental JS is something that must be learned before becoming a front end engineer, because to make an application you have to deal with views, you will have to deal with JS. Be it React, Node, Angular, Express and others. So you have to be aware of that in order to be able to go into it further.

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2. Light
JS is client-side in that all processes that occur in a page will be processed by the client, the web browser. So the server only processes HTTP requests. If the fabric programming language is server-side. The flow will be a request from the browser to the server then the server receives the request and processes it. Then the results will be returned to the client via the browser. So the working step is request-process-response.

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It is different with JS which is client-side, the 3 stages will be summarized into 2 stages, namely process and response. These 2 stages are only done on the locals computer so that it can save time. This is what makes JS light when used.

3. Collaborative
JS is able to collaborate with others like PHP. This makes a developer to be done quickly. If there is a function that PHP cannot do, it will be done by JS.

4. No Complier Required
You do not need a complier because the web browser is capable of interpreting with HTML.

5. Errors are easy to find and handle.
6. Can be assigned to specific webpage elements such as clicks or
7.JS can be used in various browsers, platforms and more.
8. JS can validate input and reduce the need to manually check data.
9. Using JS, the website will be interactive and able to attract a lot of visitors’ attention.

Lack of JavaScript

1. Unsafe
JS is good but if you want to make a good website, crucially, need authentication which is important data don’t use this. Why? Because JS is not able to handle security like that. This application is made with a library or Angular, but it still has to use more secure security than other languages such as PHP. The PHP function will send a response to the encrypted JS, so the data that appears will not be readable. If you are using a plugin, you have to look at the review column to find out how the usage of the plugin is when you use it.

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2. Not an OOP Programming Language
OOP developers are easy to develop because all the structures are clear and neat. It’s different with the old way of putting all its functions in one place. Developers will be confused by looking for functions that will be changed one by one from all existing functions.

3. Just as a Helper Only
Why is that? Because JS can not be used to create a stand-alone application or standalone app. It is different with other languages such as C++ or Java which can be compiled and then become an application with the language itself. If JS wants to create applications, it must be supported by other languages such as markup languages and HTML. Without HTML, JS cannot run perfectly. So the important key here if you want to play with JavaScript first is playing with HTML.

4. JS can be used to activate malicious code on the user’s computer.
5. Not always supported by various browsers and devices.
6. JS code snippets are quite a lot.
7. May render differently on each device leading to inconsistencies.

That is a little discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of JavaScript. Hopefully you can take knowledge and be useful for you. Thanks.

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