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Desiliciouskitchen- Java is one of the most widely used and commonly used types of programming languages ​​by developers to create and develop applications on various platforms, from various existing programming languages. We must have often seen various kinds of applications developed using the programming language with the hot coffee logo, right?

Well, Java is indeed a programming language, which was developed by SUN Microsystems in the 1991 era, indeed inspired by Indonesian coffee. The creator of this programming language is interested in the taste of Indonesian coffee, especially coffee made from regions on the island of Java. Therefore, the name and logo of this programming language are closely related to coffee originating from Java.

For those of you who are hobbyists and like to learn and develop general applications, it is certain that you use this programming language a lot, or at least you have studied it before, because you could say, the Java programming language is quite easy to learn by anyone.

Advantages of Java

As a programming language that is widely used and applied to various kinds of software, it is certain that the Java programming language has many advantages and advantages compared to many other programming languages ​​circulating in the world of application development technology and computer software.

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What are the advantages of this programming language with the coffee logo? The following are some of the advantages of the Java programming language:

1. Easy To Develop

One of the advantages of the Java programming language is the ease of application development. Every application or program created using the basic Java programming language has excellent capabilities for further development.

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This of course will really help programmers and developers to be better at developing a Java-based application. You could say, Java is one of the most widely used programming languages ​​because of the advantages of this one, which is easy to develop.

2. It is multi-platform

Another advantage of the Java programming language which is in great demand by developers and programmers is that Java is a multi-platform programming language, aka universal and can be used on any platform. This makes a lot of application developers who use the Java programming language base to create the applications they want.

Starting from desktop computers that use Windows, Linux and other operating systems, smartphones based on Android and Windows, even ordinary cellphones that do not use an operating system are able to run applications and programs created using the Java programming language.

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Therefore, Java is one of the most universal and multi-platform programming languages, which makes Java superior in making applications and software. This programming language is also closely related to javascript because it is still a derivative to further optimize web-based programming so that its use is powerful.

3. Having the convenience of compiling a script

Another advantage of the Java programming language, apart from being easy to develop and universal, is that the Java programming language is one of the easiest programming languages ​​to learn. The programmers and developers in compiling a program, must use a script, so that the program can run.

By using the Java programming language, the script will be easier to create and learn, so that some novice programmers can already develop an application using the Java programming language.

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4. If the programmer is usability oriented, then Java is very supportive

The advantages of this programming language are closely related to the ability of applications made with Java that are able to work on any platform. This relates to usability, or the usability of an application.

If a developer wants to develop an application that is very useful and can be enjoyed by many people, then the developer can use this Java programming language. nowadays almost everyone has held a mobile phone that can run Java applications. Therefore, all applications developed by developers will certainly be very useful for almost all users in the world.

5. Object-oriented programming language

Another advantage of the Java programming language, which is more technical in nature. Java programming language is one form or type of object-oriented programming language. That means that every application that is built using the Java programming language will be adapted to the object or it could be with the appearance and interface of the application.

Object-oriented programming language also exists in the c programming language, judging from the scripts, java and c language have little in common but remain in their respective contexts.

6. Dynamic

The advantage of the next Java programming language is its dynamic nature. The dynamic nature of the Java programming language is closely related to the ability of the Java programming language which is very easy to develop. The code structure can be easily modified and expanded, according to the needs of the user.

So this makes Java a very dynamic programming language and very useful for application developers who want to continue to develop their applications so that they are useful for their users.

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Java Disadvantages

Nothing is perfect in the world. Although it has many advantages, it turns out that the Java programming language has also been identified as having several shortcomings.

Well, here are some of the disadvantages of the Java programming language:

1. High enough memory usage

The Java programming language does offer a lot of extraordinary features, ranging from the ease of compiling scripts, to object-oriented features, which are one of the characteristics of the Java programming language. But unfortunately, all these advantages must be compensated with a large enough memory requirements.

This causes some Java applications to require large enough memory resources to run properly. Likewise, when a developer will develop a Java application, the developer also requires high memory in developing this application. Of course, the computer in use must have the largest RAM capacity to launch development so that it is more optimal.

2. Easy to decompile

The simple language of this decompile term is source code retrieval. So, Java is a programming language that is easy to decompile.

Source code and scripts made with the Java programming language can be easily taken and also hijacked by others, giving rise to many hacks and also copying of applications that use the Java programming language.

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