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Desiliciouskitchen-Based on State of Front-End 2020, TypeScript is known to be more popular than JavaScript. In fact, the difference between Typescript and JavaScript is not that obvious. In fact, many front-end developers believe that the JavaScript framework will be more similar to TypeScript in the future. So, what is the difference between JavaScript and Typescript? Check out the full explanation below.

What is TypeScript?
TypeScript is a programming language that you can use to create websites or applications. TypeScript itself is built open source based on JavaScript. This programming language was developed by Anders Hejlsberg from Microsoft. Hejlsberg was previously known as the developer of the C# programming language. TypeScript was then introduced for the first time in 2012. Apart from being a programming language, TypeScript is also used as a framework. This framework has two modules, internal and external. So, TypeScript can be said as a JavaScript development with some additional features. This is the difference between TypeScript and JavaScript.

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Here are some of the components that make up the TypeScript framework:
• Programming language, consisting of syntax, keywords, and type annotations.
• Typescript Compiler that converts instructions written in TypeScript to the JavaScript equivalent.
• Typescript Language Service which features an additional layer around the core compiler pipeline which is an editor-like application. This service supports a common set of common editor operations such as statement completion, signature assistance, formatting and coding, coloring, and so on.

What is JavaScript?
Apart from TypeScript, JavaScript is another widely used programming language. It can be said, almost all developers are familiar with and use this programming language. The history of using JavaScript dates back to the 1990s. JavaScript was developed by Brandan Eich. He managed to develop JavaScript for just 10 days in September 1995. Initially Eich named JavaScript as Mochan. However, he later changed it to Mona, then LiveScript before finally changing its name to JavaScript. Although initially used on a limited basis, JavaScript has grown thanks to developers who have not stopped working on this programming language. Currently, you can find the use of JavaScript on almost all websites on the internet.

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Difference between TypeScript and JavaScript
TypeScript and JavaScript do have a lot in common. But that doesn’t mean these two programming languages don’t have significant differences.
Reporting from The Software House, the difference between TypeScript and JavaScript lies not only in their release history.

1. Difference between TypeScript and JavaScript
JavaScript is an implementation of the ECMAScript language that was previously used in website development. Meanwhile, TypeScript was developed based on a JavaScript superset.
Another difference between these two programming languages lies in their code execution.
JavaScript performs code execution through interpretation. So, these codes can be directly applied to the website. On the other hand, TypeScript converts code into JavaScript code for the browser to understand. Since JavaScript codes can be used right away, you don’t need any initial setup when using this programming language. Unfortunately, you may encounter some bugs or unexpected behavior that can only be found in browsers.
When using TypeScript, you will need more initial setup. So, you need additional learning besides understanding JavaScript code. However, you will find it easier to debug when using TypeScript. As a result, website development can be done more quickly.

2. Which is better to use?
If you just need to use simple code, JavaScript is the right programming language for you. However, you’ll find it easier to work with TypeScript if the code you’re using is more complicated to handle and more prone to errors. This is because some errors are better if caught during compile time itself. The entire codebase written in Java can be reused using TypeScript. Both TypeScript and JavaScript, you can use the programming language that best suits your needs.

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